Questions about your Silhouette

  • Quality

    • What is the material used in Silhouette’s Titan frames?

      Silhouette’s Titan eyewear is made from Silhouette’s proprietary hypoallergenic metal high-tech titanium

    • What is the benefit of POL lenses?

      POL lenses filter out reflection and cut down glare when light bounces off of surfaces, such as water, sand and asphalt.

    • What are the benefits of Silhouette sunglasses?

      Silhouette sunglasses protect the eyes from the damaging effects of sunlight and natural UV radiation (they feature 100% UV protection) while completing your look in style. They should not be used as safety glasses.

    • How should I carry my Silhouette eyewear?

      To avoid breakage, keep your eyewear in an appropriate case when not in use. Never put them in a pocket or purse without the case.

    • How should I clean and care for my eyewear?

      Clean the lenses regularly with soft soap and warm water. Pat them and then allow them to air dry. Once dry, wipe them with a Silhouette cleaning cloth.


  • Product

    • Can I purchase eyewear directly from Silhouette?

      Unfortunately, you cannot purchase eyewear from us directly. Please contact an eye care professional near you: Retail Search

    • Which model does CSI Miami star David Caruso wear?

      David Caruso wears model 8568 with the green POL lens.

    • What are the options for clip-ons?

      Clip-ons are available in two different colours – grey-green and brown – both with the POL effect. Clip-ons are generally available for all designs and in all available sizes, as well as for all collections in the Lifestyle world Extravagant (not available for the Lifestyle world Luxury).

    • Where can I purchase new nose pads?

      Please contact your eye care professional – they will be able to help you select your nose pad and order them for you.

    • Where can I find information on the various products from Silhouette?

      You will find information on the brand, as well as all eyewear models Silhouette offers, on our home page or from your eye care professional.

    • How can I determine the appropriate temple length?

      Your eye care professional will be able to help you find the perfect temple length for your eyewear.

  • Media

    • Where can I find pictures, videos, and wallpapers of Silhouette collections?

      You can find and download all of these on our website under the Dowloads area of each collection. Please be aware of the copyrights.

    • Where can I find a Silhouette catalog?

      You are able to see all of our models and colours from a 360˚ view on our website.

  • Repairs

    • For questions concerning repairs, replacements, and returns of any Silhouette product, please contact your eye care professional.

  • Spare parts

    • Can you give me information about spare parts?

      Your eye care professional should have all spare parts listed on the catalogue sheets, and can provide you with more detailed information.

  • Price inquiries

    • What about the average price of Silhouette eyewear?

      Since Silhouette offers a wide variety of different models, it is difficult to name an average price. Your eye care professional can calculate the price for the model you are interested in.

  • Website | Technical Queries

    • Which version of Flash Player do I need?

      To use the Picture View (to see the frame on you) and the Style Test, you need Flash Player 10.2. For other areas of our website, you will not be required to have Flash Player.

    • Which browser should I use?

      Our website has been tested with the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

  • Retailer search

    • Which retailers are located nearby?

      All retailers who sell Silhouette eyewear are listed under the retailer search on the web page. You can select based on continent, country, state and city.

    • Retailer search
    • Where can I have a style consultation?

      Our web site contains exact information as to where and when style consultations are being held under the Retailer search.

    • Can you tell me of an Internet shop where I can order Silhouette eyewear?

      There currently is no Silhouette Online shop. We therefore ask you to select your eyewear directly from your eye care professional.

  • Applications

    • Can I apply for a position at Silhouette?

      We are pleased that you are interested in working for our company! You can apply for advertised positions at our Linz location directly on our website. For other locations, please contact our country representatives directly.

    • Career at Silhouette International
  • Diverse inquiries

    • Are tours of Silhouette available for the general public?

      We are very sorry, but we do not offer tours.

    • What are the normal opening hours and your telephone number for Silhouette HQ in Linz, Austria?

      We can be reached Monday through Thursday from 7:30am to 5:00pm CET, and Friday from 7:30am to 2:00pm CET. Our telephone number is +43 (0) 732 3848-0.

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